Ripper family connections with the area around North Hill & Linkinhorne


Richard Beauripper. Born about 1450 and lived in Gunwalloe in 1480; he had a son whose name we believe was William and born about 1483.


William Beauripper. Born about 1483 and may be the person who dropped the ‘Beau’ from the front of the surname (after this the name is spelled as Repper and Ripper without any consistency); he had three known surviving children .. William, Richard and John.


William Repper (c1505-1577)


Richard Ripper (c1510-?)


John Ripper (c1515-?)

John Ripper (c1532-1615)

Henry Ripper (c1553-1612)

John Ripper (c1540-?)

John Ripper (c1565-1612)

Benedict Ripper (c1580-c1655)

Stephen Ripper (c1570-1614)

Thomas Ripper (c1600-1661)

Henry Ripper (1616-before 1666)

Edward Ripper or Singer (c1603-1678)

Edward Ripper (1626-1698)

John Ripper (1655-aft 1699)

John Ripper (c1630-1705)

Daniel Ripper (1655-1725)

Alexander Repper (1691-1729)

Phillip Ripper or Singer(c1660-1712)

William Ripper (c1696-1732) married Elizabeth Luskey in North Hill in 1729 but died as a young man in 1732. He is buried in North Hill Churchyard.


Surviving leases and the inventory of his estate upon his death shows that he owned property under long term leases in North Hill and Henwood.


William and Elizabeth’s daughter was born in 1731. They named her Elizabeth Ripper and she married Joseph Horrell in 1760.


Their descendants number at least 180 people and include local surnames of:













Rawling and


Richard Repper (1719-1794)


William Repper (1725-1788)

Ann Ripper or Singer (1694-1773) married James Sampson in Breage in 1719

Alexander Repper (1748-c1780)

Benjamin Harry Repper (1759-before 1800)

Margaret Sampson (1730-1800) married Thomas Goyne in St Cleer in 1749. They had 9 children baptised in St Cleer.


Their son James Repper Goyne married Mary Stephens in St Cleer in 1787 who had all of their four children baptised in St Cleer. The third of these children was Margaret Goyne (1792-1862).


Margaret Married Hugh Stephens in 1821 and they had five children, four of whom were baptised in North Hill, and one in St Cleer.


Hugh and Margaret were living in Coads Green when they died in the 1860s.


The family names into which they married include:


Perry (the same family as in the column to the left)


Alexander Repper (1773-1841)

William Ripper (1781-1848)

William Alexander Repper (1807-1870)

Mary Ripper of St Merryn (1822-1863) married Thomas Berryman of Perranzabuloe in 1840 in Padstow.


They lived in Linkinhorne parish .. in 1841 at Dunsley, in1851 at Crystall and in 1861 at Craster. All their 10 children were baptised in Linkinhorne church.


Thomas died in 1866 and in 1871 Mary and the younger children lived at Wheal Hooper in St Cleer (1 mile west of Pensilva). Their descendants lived in Rilla Mill, Stoke Climsland and Linkinhorne


The family members have married into local families including





Maunder and


William Ripper (1827-1876)

Robert Francis Ripper (1859-1904)

William Ripper (1893-1951)

William Frederick Ripper (1916-1974)

Kenneth Ripper (b1949) married Teresa Oldridge.